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おっトクハガキ®(good value postcard)
We have an abundant variety of regular peel-and-view postcards.
Postage cost remains the same even though information space has increased!
This is a regular peel-and-view postcard that can be sent without the valuable information in sight.
Deployment video
2倍おっトクハガキ® (double good value postcard)
This is the most popular double folded good value postcard.
And you get twice as much information space as a normal postcard.
Finished size 150mm×105mm
Expanded size 150mm×205mm * 5mm Staggered fold
バリアブル&目隠しないしょハガキ (variable & blindfold-sealed secret postcard)
The senders (our client) information is printed at the same time as the receiver’s address, making this a secret postcard superb in terms of matching and cost performance.
Finished size 145mm×100mm
Expanded size 217mm×100mm
Z折りおっトクハガキ® (Z-fold good value postcard)
Handles approximately three times the amount of information than a normal postcard.
If water-based glue is used, not only the address surface but also the two inside surfaces can be printed with variable information.
Finished size 100mm×146mm
Expanded size 297mm×146mm
Z折りおっトクハガキ® ワイド (wide Z-fold good value postcard)
This format opens up scope for horizontal layouts of powerful panoramic photos and products, etc., because there is 430mm of paper surface from left to right.
Finished size 100mm×148mm
Expanded size 100mm×430mm
往復おっトクハガキ® (round trip good value postcard)
This is a good value postcard with reply (roundtrip) postcard attached.
This is the standard item if you want to get a receiver to respond.
Finished size 148mm×102mm
Expanded size 148mm×304mm
目隠しシール付往復おっトクハガキ® (blindfold sealed round trip good value postcard)
This is a good value reply postcard with a blindfold seal to protect private information.
Finished size 148mm×100mm
Expanded size 148mm×304mm
The marine plastic problem is an important topic at summits and the UN.
Amidst initiatives to reduce plastic garbage, such as changing from free to paid for disposable shopping bags, direct mail transparent envelopes (OPP, CPP) are also coming under scrutiny.
Peel-and-view direct mail does not use envelopes or polypropylene bags, increases the chance of mail being opened, and is environmentally friendly.

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