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パタパタメール®(fluttering mail)
Small to send but big on charm!
You will be surprised by how far this DM can be spread out.
Open the compact postcard to reveal a big DM with plenty of information space.
Deployment video (fluttering mail A3)
[A size series]パタパタメール® (fluttering mail)
Widespread applications from mail order, sale news and postings, etc.
This DM can be sent in a compact format for the same postage price as a postcard, which helps keep costs down.

Select the fluttering mail size that suits your information volume and budget.
[A2 size]
Finished size 148mm×103mm
Expanded size 592mm×395mm
(Cover sheet+3mm、flap +20mm)
[B size series]パタパタメール® BIG (big fluttering mail)
We have made the sheet surface bigger to accommodate requests from clients who want to have big fonts and photos, or a greater volume of information, etc.
[B2 size]
Finished size 182mm×128mm
Expanded size 728mm×518mm
(Cover sheet +3mm、 flap +20mm)
The marine plastic problem is an important topic at summits and the UN.
Amidst initiatives to reduce plastic garbage, such as changing from free to paid for disposable shopping bags, direct mail transparent envelopes (OPP, CPP) are also coming under scrutiny.
Peel-and-view direct mail does not use envelopes or polypropylene bags, increases the chance of mail being opened, and is environmentally friendly.

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