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サンプル in メール®(sample in mail)
Samples or presents can be sent using large format peel-and-view DMs!
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[A4] サンプル in メール® (sample in mail)
Enveloping of various items together - such as thickish sample, pamphlet, order form and postcard - is possible, and the resulting DM opens with a single touch!
Please check them with your own hands.
Finished size 210mm×297mm
Expanded size 405mm×297mm
Enveloping 1 Folded in half:148mm×210mm
Enveloping 2 Postcard:148mm×100mm
UVエンボス サンプル in メール® (UV emboss sample in mail)
Adding UV emboss to sample in mail, we manage to produce a luxury feel, to create a DM that has impact and stands apart from all the rest.
Finished size 192mm×277mm
Expanded size 369mm×277mm
Enveloping 1 8-page pamphlet:148mm×210mm
Enveloping 2 ticket:71mm×150mm
まどあき サンプル in メール® (open window sample in mail)
Opening rate is increased because the sample can be seen from the open window! And, as the address is printed on the postcard, this process does away with the trouble of filling in names on envelopes and increases response rate!
* Windows can be covered with a film.
(If film is used, two enveloping locations are provided)
Finished size 182mm×257mm
Expanded size 349mm×257mm
Enveloping 1 Postcard:148mm×105mm
Enveloping 2 Coaster:85mm×85mm
ポケットギフトメール® (pocket gift mail)
This has the feel of a giftbox because it opens from the middle. Items such as tickets and samples can be enveloped.
Finished size 148mm×210mm
Expanded size 280mm×210mm
Enveloping Ticket:64mm×138mm
にょきっと飛び出すポケットギフトメール® (pop-out pocket gift mail)
A gift pops out when the seal is opened!
This is just right for greeting cards and marketing material!
Finished size 148mm×210mm
Expanded size 280mm×210mm
The marine plastic problem is an important topic at summits and the UN.
Amidst initiatives to reduce plastic garbage, such as changing from free to paid for disposable shopping bags, direct mail transparent envelopes (OPP, CPP) are also coming under scrutiny.
Peel-and-view direct mail does not use envelopes or polypropylene bags, increases the chance of mail being opened, and is environmentally friendly.

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