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At Gulliver, we have various circles where employees can deepen friendships. The circles are great fun places to meet others who share the same hobbies in an atmosphere different to that of work. We hope you get some kind of idea about the people who work at Gulliver by looking at this page.
Golf circle
This is Gulliver’s most popular circle. Young employees playing for the first time get tips from old hands as they enjoy some friendship in a round of golf. As the major event, the golf circle hosts a golf competition just before the company trip, and everybody can be found practicing their swing!
Pop music circle
Music/band loving staff come together once a month to play music. The aim of the participants is to get placed somewhere on the winning podium of a band contest!
In fundamental terms, the main thing is to have a good time playing music and communicating. Anyone in the company is welcome to join this circle if they like music.
Futsal circle
The core of this circle is built around the young and fit. Members meet and train whenever they can on the way home from work. They also field a team in competitions. This circle welcomes both experienced footballers and novices, taking great care to involve everyone in training so that they can all play in competitive games, which means all the members enjoy themselves to the full.
Fishing circle
This circle is quietly popular, and its ground changes from lake to river to ocean, with different fish in each of them. Some fishing events are attended by all the members, others by just a few who enjoy the kind of fishing on offer at the event, which means this circle is free and easy when it comes to how people participate.

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