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Thank you for visiting the Gulliver website.
We specialize in direct communication, and, as such, we make it our principal mission to further enhance the success of our clients.
We offer a one-stop service, with everything from planning to design and processing through to address printing and distributing, all carried out in-house at our company.
And, in recent years, we have stepped even further forward to offer our own unique system that brings the analog (paper) world of direct mail into the internet world, producing many fantastic successes that client companies truly appreciate.
At present, we are in a time where direct communication between one person and another is extremely difficult due to the devastating chaos around the world caused by Covid-19. Naturally, social distancing is also required in communication. And, within that requirement, attention is gathering around direct mail as a medium that can be used to approach targets without people needing to gather in person.
At Gulliver, we work as a direct mail specialist team to offer a host of promotional solutions that bolster the results of client companies’ direct marketing pursuits.
As social and economic conditions change dramatically due to issues led by environmental ones, we respond to such issues with attractive products and services, reliable technology and proposal capabilities, and provide direct communication in the new era.

Shinichi Nakajima, CEO
Gulliver Co., Ltd.
April 2021

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