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Jan 1950 Commenced printing work under name of Nakajima Toushadou
Apr 1956 Reorganized as Gulliver Printing Co., Ltd.
May 1960 Commenced type offset printing
Aug 1964 Moved to Minamiotamachi Minami-ku Yokohama
Jan 1968 Installed Heidelberg offset press
Apr 1976 Moved head office factory to 2933 Shinyoshida-cho Kohoku-ku Yokohama
Oct 1976 Reorganized and renamed as Gulliver Co., Ltd.
Feb 1980 Installed B2 size offset rotary press
May 1980 Installed kiku-zenban (636 x 939mm) 4-color offset press
Oct 1981 Installed computerized copying machine (SAPTON)
Mar 1982 Installed color scanner
Dec 1984 Installed Toshiba offset rotary press (B2/double-sided printing/4-color)
Jul 1986 Commenced prepaid card printing
Nov 1987 Installed Heidelberg offset press GT04 4-color
Jul 1988 Installed offset double-sided printing press
Sept 1988 Installed computerized copying machine
May 1989 Installed Scitex System
Aug 1989 Installed card puncher
Commenced production of prepaid cards
Jan 1991 Commenced production of pressure crimped (bonded) DMs
Jan 1992 Constructed Daikoku Factory at Daikoku-cho Tsurumi-ku Yokohama
Mar 1992 Installed Macintosh computer and commenced Mac DTP
May 1995 Installed full B size image setter Dolev 800
Mar 1996 Installed server and commenced digital networking
Nov 1997 Installed kiku-zenban (636 x 939mm) 4/4-color press
Jan 1998 Commenced production of web contents and CD-ROMs
Feb 1998 Installed on-demand color printer Chromapress
Nov 1998 Installed on-demand monochrome printer DocuTech
Jun 1999 Installed web server
Mar 2000 Installed Scitex printing system
Jul 2000 Moved head office to Daikoku-cho Tsurumi-ku Yokohama
Nov 2003 Installed CTP system
Jul 2004 Acquired ISO14001 certification
Oct 2004 Installed Integris color proofing system
Jul 2005 Installed second kiku-zenban (636 x 939mm) 4/4-color press
Aug 2005 Launched sale of original DM “Cata-mail”
Dec 2005 Acquired PrivacyMark certification
Feb 2007 Installed quality checker TQM-IV
Mar 2007 Installed production combination printer-copier C1
Aug 2007 Installed color on-demand press DocuColor 8000
May 2010 Installed monochrome on-demand press Nuvera 144EA
May 2010 Installed auto crimping machine
Jul 2010 Installed product inspecting & sorting machine F25W
Jan 2012 Merged with Kousoku Co., Ltd.
Jun 2013 Shinichi NAKAJIMA appointed CEO
Jan 2014 Installed monochrome on-demand press Nuvera 288EA
Jun 2014 Increased equipment in offline inspection system
Jun 2014 Installed color on-demand publishing system Color 1000 Press
Jan 2015 System Department renamed DPP Department
Jul 2015 Installed OT-SRP Series die cutter made by Ocean Technology Co., Ltd.
Jan 2016 Installed inspecting & sorting machine (non-standard size)
Apr 2016 Installed glue binding unit onto saddle-stitcher
Jul 2016 Installed glue controller with built-in sensor
Jul 2016 Installed high-speed inkjet printer (4-inch/2-head/near infrared drying)
Dec 2016 Implemented renewal work on factory
Dec 2016 Added second auto insertion crimping machine
Feb 2017 Installed second kiku-zenban (636 x 939mm) double-sided 4-color press UV4x4
Feb 2018 Installed kikuhansai (469 x 636mm) single-side UV6 press with varnish coater
Mar 2018 Moved head office to Techno Wave 100 building near Kanagawa-shinmachi Station in Yokohama
May 2018 Installed tabletop inspection machine (auto plate inspector)
Oct 2021 Installed monochrome on-demand press Nuvera 314EA
Oct 2021 Installed monochrome on-demand press Nuvera 157EA

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