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Address printing and representative distribution
Data processing & data creation
We create data for DMs from your customers’ information
We check and revise incorrect addresses, postal codes and duplicated data, to create streamlined (no waste) addressing data.
We specialize in address printing and barcode & 2D code printing.
We use high-speed inkjet printers to make printing fast.
Two print heads enhance the range of variable printing, meaning that information you want to replace, such as maps and greetings, can be handled by variable printing.
Bulk work & distribution
We handle bulk posting (using postal code classification), which reduces postage costs.
By bundling DMs by postal code classifications, we can reduce the cost to the customer.
Also, taking into consideration DM type and volume, we can offer delivery methods that keep distribution costs down, while also easing the work burden to support cost cutting.
Data management
Private information security is a major problem for companies.
Gulliver obtained the privacy mark in 2005, and we have been successful in the pursuit of our unique private information protection policy.
Data cleaning
In cases where DMs are undelivered due to incomplete addresses, etc., we can revise the master data, in what we call data cleaning, to prevent expenditure waste in the next round of deliveries.
We tabulate and analyze the responses from potential customers in order to offer a DM tailored to be more effective in the next plan.
Town Plus
In cases where there are no address data for sending out DMs, it is possible to use the Town Plus service to distribute them.
Town Plus is a Post Office service in which direct mail (handouts) can be sent to all households within in a designated district.
Once the distribution district is decided, the Post Office will deliver the DMs. The feature here is that the delivery rate is high.
So, how about trying Town Plus as a new promotion tool to get you going?

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