Gulliver will improve the response rate to your DMs!
Our 4 commitments
We will create effective direct mail.
Gulliver's DM seeks to improve open rate, response rate, and efficiency beyond that point.

It is our mission to be more cost effective.
Fusion of analog and IT
Make customers aware with paper (analog), and then guide them to IT with a QR code.

We anticipate the needs of the future by fusing analog and IT.
Crimping DMs are environmentally friendly.
We recommend crimping DM to increase the opening rate, and we can ship environmentally friendly DMs because we can send them without producing excess waste, such as envelopes and PP bags.
Your information is secure with us.
We take thorough security measures for information such as networks separated from the Internet and cloud services for strong security data transfer.
Gulliver is a group of direct mail professionals.
Please feel free to contact us for anything related to direct mail, such as our shipping method, our product types, and our handling of personal information.
Gulliver direct communication, for everything from conceptualization to shipping.
DM specialized factory Patent / registered trademark
The Gulliver Daikoku Factory was completely renewed in 2016. With state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge technology, we perform quality control with thorough automation and 100% inspection, producing high quality products that only Gulliver can. Many products are "patented" or "registered as trademarks". Gulliver's DM know-how, processing technology, and original DM born from customer requests continue to evolve and diversify.
Postcard series Ori-mail Cata-mail
. The shipping fee remains the same, even if the area for information increases.
It is a standard crimping postcard that you can send without allowing anyone to see your sensitive information.
Popular series for all industries.
Not only is it simple and easy to understand, it alsocan be customized according to the purpose and amount of information.
Ideal for sending booklets such as catalogs, company information, and pamphlets!
You can save it as a catalog by removing the flap.
 About Gulliver of Direct Communication
Gulliver is a company that creates direct communication starting from making direct mail.
The head office is located at Keikyu Kanagawa Shinmachi Station in Kanagawa Ward, Yokohama City, and the Daikoku Factory is located in Daikoku Town, Tsurumi Ward.
We are improving our business, focusing on the mission of creating high quality and cost effective DMs.
We provide a one-stop service that allows you to do everything from planning and design to printing, address printing, and shipping agency in-house.


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