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オリメール®(folded mail)
If we are talking about DM, it has to be this!
This series is relentlessly popular across all industries.
Number one popular series!
Simple and easy to unfold, this folded DM can also be customized to meet application and volume of information to be listed.
Deployment video (Index folded mail given as representative example)
[A4]UV emboss 3面オリメール® (two surfaces folded mail)
The most orthodox folded mail and a popular one too!
* Also comes in a flapped model that can accommodate address printing on the flap.
Finished size 297mm×210mm
Expanded size 297mm×615mm
[A4]返信封筒付2面オリメール® (two surfaces folded mail with reply envelope)
This format is popular with companies that need to get a reply that carries important information.
Finished size 297mm×210mm
Expanded size 297mm×50mm+210mm+207mm+138mm
インデックス オリメール®
This DM comes with an index, which makes for easy-to-distinguish material!
We recommend this to clients who wish to send a lot of information but want to make it easy to distinguish.
Finished size 210mm×147mm
Expanded size 210mm×35mm+147mm+
オリメール® スリム (slim folded mail)
The A3 size has three folds that give it a smart and stylish feel.
This catches the eye because even though it is simple it is unusual.
It can also be used as a promotional DM by enveloping a postcard and a ticket!
* Please contact us to find out about specifications of enveloping materials.
Finished size 297mm×150mm
Expanded size 297mm×420mm
Enveloping Postcard:148mm×105mm
定形3面オリメール® (standard three surfaces folded mail)
This format can be created in double surfaces up to septuple surfaces!
Companies handling lots of products (mail order, etc.) opt for this format.
Finished size 235mm×120mm
Expanded size 235mm×358mm
カクニメール® (kakuni-mail)
This has a broad spread that gives it the feel of a flyer.
This is the biggest size that can be handled by Yu-mail (Post Office’s printed matter delivery service).
Finished size 340mm×250mm
Expanded size 340mm×485mm
Enveloping Flyer:257mm×182mm
[A4]デカブックメール® (big book mail)
Covers are available in sizes from the regular format up to A4.
Full variable printing and enveloping also possible for the window opening type!
Finished size 297mm×210mm
Expanded size 297mm×420mm
Enveloping Flyer:257mm×182mm
カクニデカ ブックメール® (kakuni big book mail)
Finished size 340mm×245mm
Expanded size 340mm×480mm
Enveloping B3(515mmx364mm)folded into four
UVエンボス マルチオリメール® チケット付 (UV emboss multi folded mail with ticket) 
An air of luxury expressed perfectly in the texture of the product.
This has the effect of stimulating interest in the direct mail, encouraging the receiver to open it, making this process popular with clients handling luxury merchandise, such as real estate agents and car dealers. Both cover and main section are UV embossed to give a sense of luxury! And, as variable printing is possible on the ticket, this format is just right for promoting visits to events.
Finished size 220mm×120mm
Expanded size 220mm×400mm
マルチオリメール® ハガキ付 (multi folded mail with postcard)
Reply rate is high because the address is already printed on reply postcard!
Finished size 120mm×220mm
Expanded size 305mm×220mm
The marine plastic problem is an important topic at summits and the UN.
Amidst initiatives to reduce plastic garbage, such as changing from free to paid for disposable shopping bags, direct mail transparent envelopes (OPP, CPP) are also coming under scrutiny.
Peel-and-view direct mail does not use envelopes or polypropylene bags, increases the chance of mail being opened, and is environmentally friendly.

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