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Variety DM
When you want your DM to stand out because its different!
This is a variety DM that looks unusual and has massive impact, making the receiver unconsciously reach to open it!
Just right for announcements of new products, gifts and birthday DMs!
オーロラエンボスメール®(aurora emboss mail)
We have managed to create a new expressive feature for direct mail.
By processing the surface with a varnish pattern, intricate patterns reflected off of the surface can be seen by changing the angle you view this DM, giving it a luxurious and special feel.
◇◇◇ Please take a look at our video showing the intricate reflected patterns when the viewing angle is changed and the light fluctuates. ◇◇◇
オーロラエンボス® (aurora emboss) deployment video
Standup Mail
Newly launched bigger standup mail!
Greater impact from the broader standup segment.
Finished size 120mm×235mm
Expanded size 225mm×235mm
にょきっと飛び出すオリメール® (pop out folded mail)
When you unseal the DM, the mascot section pops out!
Just send the DM as it is without enclosing it in an envelope!
Finished size 182mm×257mm
Expanded size 364mm×257mmm
にょきっと飛び出すポケットギフトメール (pop out pocket gift mail)
Just right for clients who want to further embellish the sense of a gift.
Use one of our character cut outs or put a ticket inside… the ways of using this DM are boundless if you think about it!
Finished size 148mm×210mm
Expanded size 296mm×210mm
飛び出すオリメール (pop out folded DM)
Size drives choice, from standard to A4 size!
A DM can hold two pop up sections.
Just right for new product launches and campaigns where impact is needed!
Finished size 297mm×150mm
Expanded size 297mm×300mm
On demand DM
This is just right for clients who want to send out a sophisticated DM in a small lot.
The use of clear toner gives expression to the DM texture.
We recommend this DM for greeting cards, as original shapes can be created to emanate a feel of specialness!
[Round Nonstandard]
Finished size Diameter 140mm
[Rectangle Standard]
Finished size 120mm×166mm
The marine plastic problem is an important topic at summits and the UN.
Amidst initiatives to reduce plastic garbage, such as changing from free to paid for disposable shopping bags, direct mail transparent envelopes (OPP, CPP) are also coming under scrutiny.
Peel-and-view direct mail does not use envelopes or polypropylene bags, increases the chance of mail being opened, and is environmentally friendly.

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