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Staff messages
Gulliver is all about “enthusiasm”
Now let us here from some staff who underpin Gulliver with their passionate enthusiasm.
Print Department
Stamina on par with facilities!
〜We promise to meet tight deadlines and maintain high quality to keep our clients at ease〜

Our ace printers are naturally speedy but also use high-precision cameras to check the quality of every printout.
As DMs cannot be checked after distribution, we operators also conduct our checks to make completely sure that only good quality DMs get forwarded to the next process stage. That is our mindset as we set about our daily work.

Taking care to pack each printout with client product sentiment, we create captivating DMs packed with our passionate enthusiasm.
Special Processing Department
We want to meet client expectations and prove worthy of their trust

Using our enveloper (designed to handle large crimped DMs), we strive to find the best settings for each DM across a variety sizes and shapes.
We relish the challenge of our job because we get to make the most of our know-how to put forward effective contrivances that we know will work from past experience.

Thanks to inspection equipment and weight sensors that monitor position and angle of every enveloped printout, we keep both “enveloping failures” and “excessive enveloping” to zero.

We are also happy to take big-lot jobs, as we can handle 7,000 printouts per hour, including inspections, too!
Processing Department
Always stepping up to the challenge
〜Turning client desires into practical realities through experience and ingenuity 〜

Gulliver’s strength is that we have the facilities to flexibly accommodate various forms of work
In addition to our intricate binding equipment, we also use sensor-equipped glue injectors to make sure the state of each glued DM gets checked.
We take pride in knowing that people say, “Gulliver for DMs” because of the added value of our “folding” and “crimping” processes!

And, when a new request comes in from a client, the harder it is the more excited we get.
Our whole team rises to any challenge to get the job done.
Production Control Department
This department underpins the whole process
〜It’s the challenge that motivates us!〜

We control factory progress, material procurement and representative distribution of DMs.
We take full care to push work along from receipt of order through to completion - indeed, we think of ourselves as the overall manager and lubricator of the factory.

And huddles with all the other departments are vital to us because we keep a watch on all the areas before and after processes to make minute adjustments to keep the schedule on track.

Our main work involves controlling fulfillment of orders and organizing distribution (courier, post office, etc.), so we never let our concentration slip, because sticking to deadlines is everything to us. 。
We hand over peace of mind and confidence
〜Even our drivers act as sales ambassadors when delivering 〜

The finished product goes to our client on time as promised
Delivery is our job.
For that reason, we keep abreast of order completion progress reports as well as take care to check weather and traffic jam forecasts.

To be truthful, stress sometimes builds up, but with one word - “thankyou” - stressful fatigue loosens its grip.
We always remain focused on the knowledge that everything rests on us to conclude the final process.
DPP Department
Our security system is always up to the mark
〜Our department takes care of one-to-one marketing 〜

In data processing print (DPP), we provide data processing services to maximize marketing impact by checking, editing and embellishing the valuable data entrusted to us by clients.
We don’t just create and print address data but also check for and manage irregularities as well as clean up returned mail and undertake other such tasks.

And we digitally print from data, at a high resolution of 2400dpi, making sure that we only print when necessary and only print the necessary volume. We also rise to the challenge of getting color variable printing out fast to replace certain content in each individual DM.
Handling vast amounts of private information at Gulliver, we keep our security system spick and span.
Production Headquarters
Ever evolving toward “peace of mind”
〜We implement quality control and security in all areas of factory work〜

The most important thing in DM production is the conformity of the product.
We take responsibility until the product is in the hand of the client (or their customers), only relinquishing our grip after distribution.
To fulfill that responsibility, we must enforce stringent quality control.
At Gulliver, we have inspection systems on every production line, setting our goal as “zero defective products”.

And, indeed, because we handle DMs, security is a major issue.
Please come and see how we implement stringent security control of our factory - doing so will put your mind at peace!
Meeting expectations and building trustworthy relationships
〜Reliably and determinedly developing new business〜

I really feel the job is worthwhile when I win an order.
After numerous visits and presentations, it’s that moment when the client says, “Right, we’ll let Gulliver do it!”
With DMs, it’s not the estimate that’s the winner in the showdown but a good proposal that clinches the contract.
When a client’s business is moving well thanks to a DM, I’ve emptied my bag of tricks on, I get to share the joy together with the client, and, moving forward, I yearn to do even better.
Leave it to me if you’re thinking of a DM!
Persuasive proposals
〜I get to set the direction I want to take, which makes the job worth doing〜

I accompany the sales leader on sales visits, playing a supporting role in drafting plans.
I look for the issues and goals in business talks, pinpointing the solutions.

Without knowledge of the business worlds of our clients there would be no way I could make proposals, so it is essential that I work hand in hand with the sales leader to gather information and analyze clients. As a result, I persistently look to produce good sales figures.

I find it really worthwhile to aim for big results by combining the product being marketed by the client with Gulliver’s original DM.
Design Office
Designs that make the most of original DMs
〜Effective DM production born from form as well as design 〜

DMs need more than just stylish flair they also need some inventiveness to attract the eye.
Taking Gulliver’s original form that embraces the desire to touch and the desire to open as my base, I make a sincere effort to assemble designs that are easy to view and easy to understand. The responsibility is big because results end up as numbers, but being involved in various industries makes my work enjoyable.

Moreover, I feel like we have an edge because the processing and printing are done at our own factory, so I can talk to the production experts at the idea stage of projects and check DMs as soon as they are finished.
System Department
The system plays an important role in decision-making
〜The four pillars underpinning the company’s activities 〜

1. A security system protecting client and in-house data
2. A keystone system improving productivity central to the factory
3. Customer relationship management and sales force automation in marketing promotion and sales support
4. Sticking to the latest technologies, such as AI, blockchain and IoT

Creating a system that puts to use input data in all processes
Creating a setup that shares information and manages progress from client inquiry to delivery of finished product
Targeting innovation while maintaining balance

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