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At Gulliver, we hold various events to further cement friendship among employees.
We hope you get some kind of idea about the people who work at Gulliver by looking at this page.
Company trip
Company trip (1 night 2 days)
We take a company trip involving everyone each year in September, heading for nearby popular spots that do not overburden anyone in terms of distance travelled. With “meet up and break up at site” as our motto, everyone has plenty of time to enjoy themselves and put together their own trip memories.
The company banquet, featuring events and a grand lottery, starts early evening at the hotel we stay at. And when that partying ends, everyone goes their own way to enjoy themselves in their own way with friends.
Year-end party
Massive year-end party on last business day of the year
We hold a year-end party on the last business day of the year to thank everyone for their service to the company. We take over (book) an entire venue from early evening, spending an enjoyable time together, with unrelated departments getting to know each other better.
The main event is a grand lottery, a boisterous affair that gets everyone on the edge of their seat with excitement.

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