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Guide to Head Office
In spring of 2018, Gulliver moved into its head office at the Techno Wave 100 building, an accessible location just a seven-minute walk from Kanagawa-shinmachi Station, making it a lot easier for clients to visit us. All of our staff look forward to visits from you all.
Meeting space
Conferences with designers can soon be held here, enabling our departments to interact freely as they tackle work.
Café space
Staff casually drop in here to enjoy refreshments, even leading to some good ideas popping up.
Sales and construction space
This wall-less floor makes communication with other departments easy.
Production space
This space is packed with equipment, including the latest Mac computers, printers and light tables.
Video conferencing
Our video conferencing system is always ON to keep head office and the factory connected as if everyone is in the same office talking issues through.
Meeting rooms
In all, we have three meeting rooms as well as a conference room that can cater to large numbers of participants.
Sample space
This is used to exhibit a bountiful array of printing matter, such as our in-house-created samples and products that show our track record.

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