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One to One log®
This is the system we use to list up your potential customers who have accessed the QR code from the DM!
A fusion of analog (paper) and digital (IT) can help improve new sales strategies and work.
Up to now, the only kinds of response were when a customer replies to a DM or makes a purchase, there was no way of knowing whether the DM had been viewed. However, thanks to One to One log®, we now offer a service where we print a different QR code for each address, and when a QR code is scanned, that access is recorded and listed up, so that potential customers become visible to you.
(1) DM distribution
Each DM is printed with its own QR code before being distributed.
(2) QR code scanning
When the QR code is scanned, access data lets you know “who” made the access and “when” they made it.
(3) Access record
- QR code not scanned
- No purchase made
- QR code scanned
- No purchase made
Potential customer!
- Purchase made
Up-to-now unseen potential customers become visible!

(4) Listing
(5) Segment
Access surge!
Customer list segment generated regardless of whether QR code is scanned or not.
(6) Follow Up Approach
OOOO campaign!
☑DMs are sent again to just the people who accessed their QR codes but did not purchase anything, or they are approached using telemarking.
☑The content of follow up approach is changed depending on the time at which the QR code was accessed.
Digital lottery DM with winning ticket using One to One log®
In campaigns where coupons are presented, winner-loser scratch cards are often used, but gathering and collating scratched cards is complicated, requiring a large turnout and a lot of time.
But, if One to One log® technology is used, it is naturally easy to find results (winner or loser) on smartphones, making data collection a whole lot easier, which brings a hefty saving in manpower effort.
In an eatery client plan, the client used a DM incorporating a winning ticket QR code. Making use of “One to One Log®, the number of people who scanned the QR code and the scan time were calculated.
(1) Scanned QR code and had a go at the lottery!
(2) The start screen appears as soon as the QR code is scanned.
Throb, throb…
(3) The “winner” or “loser” result appears.
(4) The winning-ticket customer and date & time of scanning are tied into the DM distribution list
Lottery made even more exciting with animations!
Scan the QR code and have a go at winning some shortcake!
Press here!
Winner’s luck!
You’ve Won!!
A piece of shortcake is all yours!
One to One log®+Plus
New function added to One to One log®
Simple operation to enable acquisition of email addresses.
I managed to compile a hot list using One to One Log! And I’d like to send a mail magazine… We’ve added a mechanism for acquiring email addresses with the current One to One Log®!
Now it’s easy to tie together customer information with email address.
New business opportunities will increase once email addresses are acquired.
No inputting makes it all easy!
(1) DM distribution
Each DM is printed with its own QR code before being distributed.
(2) QR code scanning
When the QR code is scanned, an email send screen will appear.
(3) Email is sent
Ooh, NO NEED to input a bothersome address!
The potential customer just sends the email, as is.
(4) Autoreply
FULL of good bargain info!!
Thankyou email comes back automatically.
(5) Listing
Email address is tied into the DM distribution list.
(6) Approach
Make use of email address to send mail magazine and/or issue a material request coupon to encourage the potential customer to visit your store.
DM and email combo are effective!

When we tried splitting our efforts into three groups (DM only, email only, DM & email), the response rate was better for DMs than emails, and DMs + emails were even better than DMs, showing that combo is the best at rousing action.

DM: Approximately 10%
Email: Approximately 8%
DM + Email: Approximately 15%
150% increase in response rate!
(Survey results from major manufacturer)
*One to One log is a registered trademark of Gulliver Co., Ltd.
*QR code is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED.

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