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The flow of direct mail creation
Gulliver undertakes all work (planning, designing, printing, enveloping, processing, address printing and distribution) in an in-house integrated system.
As a specialist company, we put our ideas and technologies to use to make DMs in formats that customers desire.

Unlike print mail order, a Gulliver sales representative is on hand to make sure the product meets the customer’s requirements.
Please feel free to contact us.
Please contact us by phone, email or fax.
Contact can also be made filling out the inquiry form on this webpage.
Please feel free to contact us.

Planning proposal
Gulliver have the know-how when it comes to adding a specialist feel to direct mail.
We make proposals to meet the aim, the budget and the schedule of your DM.
So please think about the details of your format.

Design production
We create design proposals that meet the customer aim.
We design, carry out copywriting and create images.
We also proofread and revise DM texts.

Submitting data
At Gulliver, we can handle everything from design, but we can also handle submitted data.
Our professionals conduct a thorough preflight check.

Printing & processing
We provide on-demand printing using digital printers.
We have facilities for binding, adhesive compression bonding, die cutting, UV embossing and enveloping.

Address printing
We take all possible measures in printing to ensure the security of valuable private and corporate information.
We check for incomplete data, such as duplications.
Our printing setup can accommodate changes to content (names, barcodes, addresses, etc.).

We handle bulk posting (using postal code classification), which cost less for postage.
By bundling DMs by postal code classifications, we can reduce the cost to customers.
Also, if DMs are undelivered due to incomplete addresses, etc., we can revise the master data, in what we call data cleaning, to prevent expenditure waste in the next round of deliveries.

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