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Production design
Is it possible to produce a direct mail that will catch the eye and draw the hand toward it?
As a specialist company, we have the know-how to home in on targets with solicitations about products and contents.
Gulliver’s DMs are made to order, so we are glad to listen to client wishes, to put greater creativity into your DM.
Depending on whether your target is the “unearthing of new customers” or, perhaps, to address “all” of your “existing customers”, we have the layout concept in our portfolio, which is well stacked with examples, because we are a specialist company.
Design & copywriting
We propose design and copywriting based on strong layout concepts and then launch into production.
Will your DM stand out among the many DMs competing for attention?
What kind of copywriting will move target consumers to consider your proposition?
At Gulliver, we creatively answer these kinds of questions because our designs are made to order.
Surprising formats and contrivances are the attention grabbers that make DMs what they need to be.
At Gulliver, our planning and production lines are integrated, so we can put forward and produce made to order peel-and-view DMs.
As a specialist company, we have the ideas and technologies to satisfy.
We are always happy to listen to client design ideas, to give shape to client dreams.

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