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Special process technology
Expanding the horizons of what is possible
UV embossing process
One touch and you know the difference!
An air of luxury expressed perfectly in the texture of the product.
This has the effect of stimulating interest in the direct mail, encouraging the receiver to open it, which is what makes this process popular with clients handling luxury merchandise, such as real estate agents and car dealers.
What is the UV embossing process?

In UV printing, two types of varnish are printed, and by interacting with each other they produce shiny and course surfaces, appealing to the eye and touch, which generates new value in the printed material.

*Note that the bonding surface cannot be treated with this process.
(3) Glossy varnish
(2) Embossing varnish
(1) UV printing
オーロラエンボス®加工 (aurora emboss process)  <NEW>
This is a new expressive feature added to UV emboss printing.
Change the angle you view a DM printed with this process, and you will see intricate varnish patterns reflected off of the surface, giving the DM a luxurious and special feel.
◇◇◇ Please take a look at our video showing the intricate reflected patterns when the viewing angle is changed and the light fluctuates. ◇◇◇
オーロラエンボス®(aurora emboss) deployment video
Windowed envelope process
Opening a window in the envelope at the section where the name and address will fit does away with the need for matching work when placing materials in envelopes, such as reply tools.
Indeed, it is known that people unconsciously like to see windows in the center of envelopes, so placing them increases the opening rate.

And, as the windows are covered with a film, the post office will handle them.
This format is best suited to mail order companies and companies specializing in seminars.
This process does away with the trouble of filling in names on envelopes and increases the response rate!
Enveloping process
Mechanical enveloping of peel-and-view DMs, flyers and samples!
Multiple information can be gathered together without being put into an envelope.
A maximum of three pieces of material - for example, a sample, a ticket and a pamphlet - can be enveloped, which leads to an increased opening rate.
Variable printing process
This enables the printing content to be customized for each customer.
It enhances the appeal when used in one to one marketing.
It also means that point data, QR code and purchasing record can be printed, which encourages the receiver to visit your store as well as creating a more personal feeling.

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