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Easy-to-read universal design font
At Gulliver, we use universal design fonts to create printed materials that are easy to read and understand, to capture a bigger audience.
Universal design font is also known as UD font in Japan.
These fonts are designed to be easily recognizable by various age groups, regardless of discrepancies in eyesight and environment, and they are used in printed materials, such as advertising, instruction manuals, and terms and conditions.

Perceptibility (each character is perceptible)
Design (characters are beautifully designed)

Legibility (characters can be discerned from adjacent ones)
Readability (easy to read)
Universal design font features
A design that places importance on easy discernment without loss of beauty.
◎The format is close to a scripted style, which can be recognized immediately.
◎Voiced sound and semi-voice sound symbols are enlarged to make them easily distinguishable.
◎Spacing broadened to prevent as much as possible unreadable lettering, which enhances legibility.
◎Truly legible even in bright or faint light.
◎Clearly defining intervals makes even silhouette characters easy to distinguish.
Examples of Universal Fonts in Use
The Universal Design Fonts Used at Gulliver
We can also add the universal design font symbol to printed materials.
The universal font symbol shows that the deliverable is using universal design font(s).
This symbol is used by font makers that have agreed to utilize universal design fonts.
*Please contact us to find out about utilization guidelines.

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