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Gulliver (hereafter referred to as “the company”) are fully aware of the importance of protecting the private (personal) information provided to the company from clients for printing purposes. And, as such, the company have imposed a “private information protection policy”, including the following items, which we implement and maintain.
The company strive relentlessly to ensure DM security (private information security).
[Gulliver Co., Ltd., Private Information Protection Policy]
1. The company shall strictly adhere to laws and ordinances on the handling of private (personal) information, the guidelines stipulated by the government and any other precepts in relation to the handling of private (personal) information handled in all areas of work of the company and of the employees of the company. In addition, the company shall draw up a private information management system conforming to the “personal information protection management systems” of the Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS Q15001).
2. When acquiring and using private (personal) information, the company shall specify the purpose of use and shall not handle personal information beyond the scope necessary to achieve the specified purpose of use (use for other purposes). In addition, the company shall take appropriate management measures to prevent unintended use.
3. The company shall not provide the acquired private (personal) information to a third party except with the consent of the person in question or in accordance with laws and ordinances.
4. When the company receives a complaint or consultation regarding the handling of private (personal) information, the company shall promptly investigate the facts about the content and respond in good faith within a reasonable period of time.
5. In order to properly manage the acquired private (personal) information, the company shall take organizational, human, physical and technical safety measures, and work to prevent and correct the leak, loss and/or damage of private (personal) information.
6. The company shall continuously review the private information management system regarding private (personal) information protection in light of changes in social conditions and the environment, and improve the company’s efforts to protect private (personal) information.
Enacted: 1 March 2004
Revised: 27 June 2013
Gulliver Co., Ltd.
[About the Handling and Purpose of Use of Private (Personal) Information]
When the company is entrusted with the business of handling private (personal) information from clients and when the company collects personal information independently, the company shall use it for the following purposes.
[When entrusted by a client]
1 For every kind of list/in-house bulletin, etc., for printing and distribution work
2 For direct mail printing and distribution work (membership numbers, names and addresses to be printed on postcards and enveloping materials)
3 For implementation of marketing campaigns and for work related to the receiving of applications
4 Other than those, for all work pertaining to private (personal) information processing, printing and distribution
[The aforementioned tasks and their purpose of use]
1 For printing and distributing acquired information within the scope of entrusted business
2 For printing, representative distribution, enveloping and sealing work on direct mail and postcards
3 For receiving applications about marketing campaigns, lottery work and distribution of products
4 Other than those, for any processing, printing and distribution work accompanying entrusted work not mentioned above
[When gathered by the company (private [personal] information subject to disclosure)]
1 Replies to inquiries related to work of the company, and distribution work in response to requests for materials
2 Exchange of calling cards and distribution of materials as part of the company’s direct participation in direct marketing shows, etc.
3 Guidance related to the products and services of the company
4 Employee information deemed necessary for managing company employees
[The aforementioned tasks and their purpose of use pertaining to their information]
1 For email replies tackling contents of inquiries, and distribution and contact in response to requests for materials
2 For distribution of material and any contact required for that distribution in relation to the products and work of the company
3 For sending/emailing out mail magazines
4 Regarding employee information, a form shall be prepared to deal separately with employee information, and that purpose of use shall be clearly indicated and consent obtained.
Furthermore, regarding information about ex-employees, that information shall not be used or provided, except for the following reasons. Note also that after the statutory storage period has passed for private (personal) information of ex-employees, the company shall destroy that information in an appropriate manner based on the company regulations.
(1) In cases where the ex-employee has consented
(2) In cases based on laws and ordinances
(3) In cases where usage is deemed necessary to protect human life, body or property, but obtaining the consent of the ex-employee in question is difficult
(4) In cases where usage is deemed especially necessary to improve public hygiene and/or promote healthy upbringing of children, but obtaining the consent of the ex-employee in question is difficult
(5) In cases where cooperation is deemed necessary to accomplish work prescribed by laws and ordinances that shall be undertaken by national institutes or regional public bodies or parties under contract to them, but obtaining consent of the ex-employee is deemed to be a potential obstacle to accomplishment of work in question
[About provision of private (personal) information]
Private (personal) information that the company have gathered from clients shall not be provided and/or shown to third parties without advanced agreement/consent from those clients
[About formalities for the disclosure or correction of private (personal) information]
The Company shall accept requests to disclose the personal information subject to disclosure from the individual in question, notify the purpose of use, correct the content of the personal information subject to disclosure when it is contrary to the facts, suspend the use, etc., and suspend the provision to a third party (hereinafter, "disclosure, etc.”).
(1) Destination of request for disclosure, etc.
@ Complaint/inquiry counter (service)
A In cases where request is made by post, the necessary documents shall be attached to the designated written request and posted to the following address.
“Complaint/Inquiry Counter” Gulliver Co., Ltd.
17F TECHNO WAVE 100 1-1-25 Shin Urashima-cho Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama
(2) Items to be provided
@ Written request for notification/disclosure of purpose of use of private information
A Written request for correction of private information
B Written request for suspension of use of private information
C Document (driving license, passport, etc.) for identity verification of person in question
D In cases where the correspondent is a legal representative, in addition to the items in C above, a document proving power of legal representation shall also be included
(3) Fee
Please note that a fee of 500 yen will be charged for each request for disclosure and notification of purpose of use. If request is made by post, the requesting party shall pay the fee by wire transfer.
For specific procedures for requesting disclosure, etc., please contact the following inquiry counter.
[Inquiries about protection of private (personal) information]
“Complaint/Inquiry Counter” Gulliver Co., Ltd. (Manager in charge: Hiroshi KANAO)
Tel: 045-440-6353 Fax: 045-440-6365 (Reception hours 9:00 to 17:00 on weekdays)
[About authorized private (personal) information protection organization to which the company belongs]
The company is an entity covered by JIPDEC, which is an accredited personal information protection organization based on Article 37, Paragraph 1 of the Act on Personal Information Protection. Any complaints about the company’s handling of private information can also be filed with JIPDEC.

1. Name of accredited personal information protection organization: JIPDEC
2. Contact for resolving complaints
Personal information protection & complaint inquiry counter, PrivacyMark secretariat
12F Roppongi First Building, 1-9-9 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032
Tel: 03-5860-7563  Fax: 03-5573-0562

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