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Our Security
Gulliver takes every measure to protect valuable private (customer) information.
We are a PrivacyMark certified company.

At Gulliver, we are fully aware of the importance of protecting the private information provided to us from clients for printing purposes. And, as such, we have imposed a “private information protection policy”, which we implement and maintain.
We strive relentlessly to ensure DM security (private information security).
We monitor and guard our interior facilities round the clock.

Monitoring cameras film doorway vicinities.
Areas where private information is handled are limited to cardkey carriers, with an entry log kept, as well.
card reader
Security System
We work to ever efficiently and ever safely communicate the desired information to each DM recipient.
Preventing information leaks/theft
Our computers that handle private information data are cut off from the external network we use. Furthermore, they do not house storage mediums, such as hard disks, so they cannot store data. In this way, we protect private information from attacks, such as information leaks, losses, thefts and viruses.
In-house network
Cannot connect
Cannot connect
Private/Client Information Control Network
All data stored on server
Info input by keyboard or mouse
Only image data forwarded
Database server
Thin client* PC
*Low-performance computer that does not have a storage medium, such as a hard disk.
Lock controlled Entry/Exit
Even if by chance there was a break-in, there is no data on the computers.
※No-one other than designated staff can enter the server room and system room.
※Mobile devices and storage mediums that could lose data (notebook PCs, flash memory devices, etc.) are not allowed into company premises.

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