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Our Variable Printing
Variable printing is about separately handling each piece of varying data (variable) in common data of the master template. A big feature of this is that fonts and images can be replaced for each individual product (DM).

Example of Variable Printing for Front/Back of Enveloped Flyer

Variable printing covers a diverse range of needs, such as enabling us to change the variable data (customer name & address, membership number and reward point tally, etc.) and the name of the responsible staff concerned and the relevant store/business location map, etc.
What is more, we can also change the QR and 2D codes.

Mount printed in the usual four-color way.
(1) Name & address + Control number + Return address
(2) Replaceable greetings
(3) Replaceable illustration of responsible staff + name
(4) Replaceable quote from responsible staff
(5) Individual lottery number
(6) Replaceable store/business info & map
Variable Printing (Digital Printing)

This enables us to customize data for each individual target, as we can replace everything, including copywriting and photos, enhancing the appeal of the DM to target individual prospects in one to one marketing.
Hybrid Variable Printing (Offset printing + Digital printing)

This lets us add variable data (through printing) to printed matter being run off of our monochrome on-demand printers, which produces effective marketing for our clients.

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