Gulliver increases the response to DMs!
Four Areas We Persistently Care About
We create DMs that enhance results.
The opening rate and response increase with Gulliver’s DMs, and we follow up on how to capitalize on those benefits from there on.

Our mission is to further raise cost effectiveness.
A fusion of analog and IT
We use paper (analog) to get customers to take notice, and then guide them to IT using QR codes.

We pre-engage tomorrow’s needs using a fusion of analog and IT.
Using peel-and-view DMs is a way of being environmentally conscious.
We recommend peel-and-view DMs because they increase the opening rate, and they do not need to be sent in envelopes or polypropylene bags that generate excess garbage, so your posted DMs will be environmentally friendly.
Reliable security measures
We implement stringent security measures to take care of information, including a network disconnected from the internet and a cloud system where data are handled under strict security.
Gulliver is an organization that specializes in direct mail.
Feel free to talk to us about any aspect of direct mail, such as distribution method, format and the handling of private information.
From concept to distribution Gulliver is your direct communication expert
DM specialist factory Patents and registered trademarks
The Gulliver Daikoku Factory underwent a complete renewal in FY2016. And, now, thanks to cutting-edge facilities and beefed-up technology, quality control at the factory is thoroughly automated to provide inspection of all DMs, ensuring high-quality production that only Gulliver is capable of. Many of our products are patented and/or carry registered trademarks. Gulliver DM know-how and processing technology together with the urging from clients for more original DMs mean our work keeps on evolving and variations growing.
Postcard series Ori-mail (folded DM) Cata-mail (Catalog DM)
Even though info space is greater than the usual postcard, the postage cost is the same.
This is our standard peel-and-view postcard that is sent with valuable information out of sight.
This series is popular across all industries.
Simple and easy to unfold, this folded DM can also be customized to meet application and volume of information to be listed.
This is just right when you want to send a booklet, such as a catalog, company guide or pamphlet!
This DM can be stored like a catalog by cutting off the sealing flap.
About Gulliver’s direct communication
Gulliver is a company that creates the intangible (direct communication) from a tangible starting point (direct mail).
Our head office is at Kanagawa Shinmachi Station on the Keikyu Line in Kanagawa-ku, and our Daikoku Factory is in Daikoku-cho, Tsurumi-ku, both in Yokohama.
Our mission is to create high quality DMs that are cost effective.
We offer a one-stop service, with everything from planning to design and processing through to address printing and distributing, all carried out in-house at our company.

Direct Communication is a registered trademark of Gulliver Co., Ltd.

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